I like bees but I don't like peas.

I am a hat that flys like a bat.

No Internet

yesterday we had no Internet I had seen what the problem was. William played the no Internet game. If William had completed the game we would have Internet back. Every one was playing on a Ipad. Well not every body because I wasn't I was trying to fix the computers. Noah and William were also trying to fix the computers.


I am excited for athletics day. I might win and I might not. I am  competing against people older and younger then me. I might bet the people who are younger then me.

Aotearoa day

on aotearoa day we gave out the mori necleses we made. me and Jacob gave ours to each other. they were not made out of bone or green stone they were made out of clay. Jacob made a black one and I made a green one.


in room2 we are doing a speech. I am nerves my speech. I have not finished my speech. i have only wrote my interdiction.


On Friday it is Room 2's assembly.The classes parents are allowed to come and see your class assembly if they have some time. My parents might not came because they might be at work working.